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With experience in the British, Australian, American, and Emirati National curriculums, our team is qualified and committed to ensuring you get the best possible experience. We’re here to connect with other educators, stakeholders, and really anybody with a passion for education, and contribute in the field of pedagogy, while continuing to learn, grow, upskill, and collaborate.

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Who We Are

Our team is made up of passionate, driven and dedicated individuals specializing in the field of pedagogy across various curriculums. Over the years we’ve worked with numerous schools, senior leaders, teaches, parents, and other stakeholders.


We aim to educate individuals about engaging in and sharing beneficial pedagogical practices. Furthermore, we want to build a tribe of like minded educators firstly to help, support and upskill each other and to share the best pedagogical practices of the 21 century with the aim of helping and supporting learners of all ages and their parents.


By using the best pedagogical practices in training and education we hope to support these learners to become well equipped, able and confident leaders in these rapidly evolving times.


With us, you’re working with a team of committed, passionate and driven pedagogists, towards a goal and vision of a better tomorrow.

Our Values

Who We Are
Our Values
What We Do

What We Do




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Kefah Samara,
Head of Elementary,
Greenwood International School, Dubai

Majida has always been an exceptional mentor to me. 


I have learnt many leadership skills during her Educational Mentorship program that have pushed me to become a better version of myself and also helped me develop relationships with other professionals and expand my network.


Moreover, as a mentor, Majida helped me build a sense of community with my team when our school  asked Majida to conduct a PD course for our  teachers. 


The teachers and senior leaders were thrilled by the experience and development opportunities for our staff.


My Team and I were so fortunate to attend her Educational Training program and I would recommend it to anyone who seeks personal and professional growth; her  willingness to share her expertise and wisdom while listening closely are invaluable qualities we all  learned from.

Ammarah Fattani,
Primary Islamic Studies Teacher

Receiving educational training from Al Zumara has been invaluable during my career as an Islamic Studies teacher.

Best practices are at the forefront during teacher training.

Al Zumara takes note of current research regarding; bilingual education, teacher pedagogical practices, effective differentiation in the classroom, and assessment procedures, to name a few.

I routinely use the Al Zumara resources during my lessons, primarily as they are bilingual and aesthetically pleasing from a child’s perspective.

The carefully considered colour schemes, fonts, font sizes and images ensure the resources function as a brilliant learning resource.

Year 12 
A-Level Student

I participated in the "Oh The Places You'll Go" summer workshop with Al Zumara and it was great!

I learned many useful things that really helped me both to achieve my goals and in my day-to-day life, one year on and I still use many of the things I learned. 

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